Unlocking the Power of High Status Networking: Achieving Local Celebrity Status in Business and Life

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The concept presented in this article is a proven framework consisting of seven transformations that need to happen in order to achieve local celebrity status through the art and skills of High Status Networking.

By reading this article, you will learn about our systematic approach to networking while understanding the importance of mastering these transformations to gain a competitive advantage in business and life.

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Learn how to become a local celebrity using a unique framework developed specifically for a personal brand.

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A decade ago, I realized that Networking is something you’ll do for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Think about it.

You’ve been networking since you were a kid.

Making friends.

Connecting with people online.

Disassociating from people you don’t want to be around anymore.

The list goes on.

Especially if you’re in business.

Business Networking is something you’ve been doing and will continue to do.

If you’re in business, listen up because most entrepreneurs simply do not understand this truth:


So why not get real good at it?

Once I realized this truth, I told myself that I MUST master networking.

It’s nonnegotiable in my book.

I’ve been very intentional about practicing the art of networking.

And through my journey, I’ve created a frame which separated me from the status quo.

I call that frame High Status Networking.

When you execute High Status Networking, you become a high status brand.

I’ve created a system of 7 transformations that need to happen in order for you to become high status in your niche.

Those 7 transformations are:

1️⃣ Cultivating a High Status Understanding of the world

2️⃣ Developing a High Status Mindset

3️⃣ Equip yourself with High Status Skills (Networking & Branding)

4️⃣ Creating a High Status Brand

5️⃣ Applying High Status Networking

6️⃣ Monetizing connections

7️⃣ Having a High Status Guide

Transformation #1 Cultivating a High Status Understanding of the world

  • The goal is to become a celebrity in your market place.
  • When you think about celebrities, they have all of the world’s attention on THEM.
  • Not the other way around.
  • Your goal should be to have everyone’s attention on YOU.

Transformation #2 Developing a High Status Mindset

  • Training yourself out of scarcity and into abundance, is a MUST.
  • Learning personal development and becoming a master of your own mind by training your MIND to be open to everything and attached to nothing.
  • You’ll face adversity, trials and tribulations.
  • Life isn’t easy, but it can be once you conquer the mind and your emotions.

Transformation #3 Equip yourself with High Status Skills

  • In order to shoot a gun, you must have ammunition.
  • In order to use High Status Skills, you must learn sales, persuasion, and influence.
  • Leveraging those 3 skills alone will set you apart from the competition.
  • We will equip you with the ammunition that you need to be successful.

Transformation #4 Creating a High Status Brand

  • In order to attain High Status, you have to learn how to develop a High Status Brand ONLINE.
  • There are wrong ways to do this and there are right ways to do it.
  • Most people do it the WRONG way, and it gets them nowhere FAST.
  • However, building your brand online is only a slice of the pie.
  • This is where the 5th transformation comes in.

Transformation #5 Applying High Status Networking

  • In order to attain High Status, you have to learn to develop a High Status Brand IN PERSON.
  • Again, there are wrong ways to do this and there are right ways to do it.
  • And most people do it the WRONG way, and it still gets them nowhere FAST.
  • When you Network the RIGHT way, you get ACCESS to things that normal people can’t.
  • And having High Status ACCESS is what makes your life EASIER.
  • As a byproduct, you get an instant lifestyle upgrade.

Transformation #6 Monetizing Connections

  • You have been making connections since you were a kid.
  • You have learned how to make friends with others.
  • You have learned how to treat people with the respect they deserve.
  • Now it’s time to STEP YOUR GAME UP and learn how those connections can equate to a value exchange.
  • Learning to leverage your connections through High Status Networking is how you can multiply your income or make additional income on the side of what you’re currently doing.

Transformation #7 Having a High Status Guide

  • Learning from a High Status Mentor who’s DONE IT.
  • I remember when I first started out with having nothing to my name or brand.
  • Having no recognition, authority, or power at all.
  • After achieving Local Celebrity Status on my own, interested students would seek me for guidance.
  • Whether it be through public speaking, 1 on 1 coaching, podcast interviews, zoom calls, or in-person events.
  • Learning from the right MENTORS and having their guidance can change EVERYTHING for you.
  • Learning from a High Status Guide is what will cut YOUR learning curve and shave years off of the time you would take to attain HIGH STATUS.
  • Believe me when I say there is a shortcut and an easier way.
  • It’s with Mentorship from somebody who has a proven system and who has actually done it.

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This article was all about how to become a local celebrity by using High Status Networking.

High Status Networking is a framework created by Shungunna, and was designed based on his experience of networking with affluent and influential individuals, companies, and communities.

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