Add an additional $1M or more per year to your business.

The Persuasion Run is a private sales and marketing coaching program designed for business owners with sales teams who want to increase their revenue by $1 million or more per year.

After leading a sales team to generate over $11M in revenue for an online business, we have identified proven levers that increase sales revenue with ease.

There are 3 specific points to transform in your business to accomplish this:

1) internal sales team skill set development

2) alignment of marketing efforts with your sales team

3) proven systems to create sales duplication with increased speed

*The Persuasion Run Coaching Program is a 4-hour intensive workshop for motivated business owners with a passionate sales teams.

Resurreccion Media is owned and operated by Michael “Shungunna” Resurreccion who is an entrepreneur, cofounder of a non-profit, and family man. Michael is a professional marketing consultant. Clients can generally expect to establish accounts reached within 6 months from the time they begin the service. The results obtained in this endorsement do not reflect generally expected results since
these results are due to factors controlled by the client, such as follow through of each service step and the pace at which each step is completed and each client’s individual effort and level of desire.

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