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The Legacy Run Community

  1. Focuses exclusively on helping business owner-operators start & scale

  2. Using The 5 Pillars of Massive Scale Methodology

  3. By installing an All-In-One SYSTEM that can be customized to your biz for maxing out automations instead of maxing out yourself (or your team)

  4. By implementing strategies that help you grow your brand, business, & network

  5. By implementing systems that allow you to exit from the day-to-day operations w/precision & speed

  6. Where everyone is aligned toward the same goal: profit, client results, automation through simple technology, happiness, & a lifestyle upgrade

  7. Where the community's focus is on implementation, collaboration, & accountability (instead of passive consumption of content or theoretical discussions)

  8. ​That feels like hanging out with supportive friends (but with real business results)

  9. It's a completely self-paced & self-study program with live guidance every week

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