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Build High Status In Your Industry With Our Short Form Marketing Consulting Service

Get expert guidance and consultation on your Short Form Marketing strategy. We provide customized recommendations on content creation, optimization, and distribution for Instagram.

This is for you if…

  • you are a business owner
  • you are the face of your brand
  • you are promoting your business on social media
  • you are starting or scaling your efforts online
  • you employ a team
  • you need clarity, direction, speed
  • you are serious

High Status Branding

High Status Branding is a powerful framework that uses organic social media marketing strategies to build authority, credibility, expertise, and social proof, unlocking clarity, direction, and speed, resulting in increased brand awareness, sales revenue, and decreased costs, helping entrepreneurs achieve undeniable leadership in their market.

Why consult with Shungunna?

There’s only three reasons why you would book a consulting call with me:

  1. You know who I am.
  2. You believe I can offer insights.
  3. You can afford to do it right now.
  • $3,000/hour.
  • After payment success, you will see a calendar to book a call. (If not, email vip@shungunna.com)
  • I look forward to our discussion.

Ps. You have the option to choose the number of hours you’d like to book, but I recommend limiting each call to a maximum of 3 hours.

Ps. If this doesn’t make sense for you right now, the closest thing we can refer you to is the High Status Mastermind where you can join a community of entrepreneurs and business owners focused on growing a global network, reaching $100 million in revenue, and collaborating with other engaged members.

Learn more here: HighStatusMastermind.com

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these results are due to factors controlled by the client, such as follow through of each service step and the pace at which each step is completed and each client’s individual effort and level of desire.

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