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How To Get Your First 10,000 Followers

March 19, 20241 min read

“Marketing principles hardly change. You can apply a few to grow your brand on any platform.” - Shungunna

I helped a brand get their first 10,000 followers.

Here’s how👇

📲The brand started with 2,500 followers when I was brought in to handle their social media marketing efforts.

Here are the 3 Steps I used to help them reach their First 10,000 Followers:

1️⃣ I created a high level marketing strategy after reviewing their brand by doing a SWOT Analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats).

Doing a SWOT Analysis for your brand can help you uncover potential blind spots you or your marketing team have missed. It can also help you unlock more ideas for capturing market share.

2️⃣ I created content campaigns using The 5W’s Framework (who, what, when, where, why), and started recording the brand’s content.

(I just use my iPhone to record. I keep things simple for speed, duplication, and results.)

Results meaning brand awareness, word of mouth referrals, and revenue.

3️⃣ I doubled down on the content campaigns that worked, and cut out everything that didn’t work.

We focused on capturing valuable short form video content to grow their brand, and it worked.

Because the brand continued consistently, they grew to over 20,000 followers with the same content campaigns that I created for them.

The 80/20 is in the Marketing Strategy.

Are you trying to get to your First 10,000 followers?

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PS. I go more in-depth about our methodology and marketing philosophy in these videos:

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Shungunna is a business strategist, marketing consultant, and family man. "Do Something Good With Your Life"

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