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Resurreccion Media is a social media marketing consulting agency focused on helping entrepreneurs and business owners achieve local celebrity status to future-proof their business.

Our customized solutions are designed to help your brand stand out in the market, drive revenue growth, and establish a strong foundation for sustained success. Partner with us to future-proof your business and build a lasting legacy.

We look forward to getting you results.

Benefit from our 3 Unique Frameworks

We have developed 3 unique frameworks which we implement with our clients to increase their rate of results.

High Status Branding is a game-changing framework that harnesses the power of proven organic social media marketing strategies to help entrepreneurs achieve undeniable leadership in their respective markets and drive sustained success. By leveraging this framework, you can establish your authority, build credibility, showcase your expertise, and demonstrate social proof, resulting in increased brand awareness, referrals, and sales revenue. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take your brand to the next level. Subscribe to our Marketing Consulting Service today and start building a high status brand that drives results.

The 5 Pillars of Massive Scale is a framework developed to boost revenue, reduce costs, and increase market share through proven business strategies. It consists of 5 pillars that can be customized to any business and is designed to be an adaptable mental model. The challenge lies in identifying business needs and successfully executing ideas. That’s why we’re offering a free training session on The 5 Pillars of Massive Scale. Join us to learn more about this powerful framework and discover how it can help your business thrive. See the 5 Pillars now! 

High Status Networking is a life-changing methodology that can help you build high status and achieve success quickly, no matter where you are. With this unique and refined skill set, you’ll be treated differently, opening doors to new business and social opportunities. Learn how to harness the power of High Status Networking and elevate your life experiences to a whole new level. Take the first step towards success by learning more about High Status Networking today.

Meet The Founders

Michael “Shungunna” Resurreccion is a business strategist, marketing consultant, and advisor to multi-millionaires and influencers growing their brands and business ventures.

He specializes in personal branding, leadership development, and business scale. He offers consulting services with a focus on marketing, sales, and operations.

Beyond his daily work hours, Michael is mission-driven to be a catalyst for positive change in humanity.

From early childhood, his parents shared with him “The 5 Rules of Life,” which consisted of the following five phrases:

“Be Good, Be Healthy, Work Hard, Get Along, and Do Something Good With Your Life.”

While he understood the first four rules, the fifth rule remained a mystery until the idea of building the 8th Wonder of the World was born.

Michael is also one of the co-founders of a non-profit organization known as The Love Tower At Ashah and serves as the Executive Director.

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Crystal is a mom, visionary entrepreneur, and investor with extensive experience in finance and real estate.

She started college at the age of 16 and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Finance. Her financial acumen has enabled her to navigate complex markets, identify lucrative opportunities, and make savvy investments.

Currently, Crystal owns and manages multiple businesses and is a sought-after mentor and advisor in the business community. Her keen eye for emerging trends and investment opportunities has helped countless entrepreneurs achieve their goals and realize their full potential.

Crystal is also one of the co-founders of a non-profit organization known as The Love Tower At Ashah and serves as the Financial Officer.

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Achieve Local Celebrity Status

*Local celebrity status refers to being well-known and admired within a particular community or geographic area, often as a result of notable achievements, personality, or contributions. It can bring increased visibility, social capital, and opportunities for career advancement, business growth, or personal branding. Ultimately, the benefits of local celebrity status depend on your goals and how you choose to leverage your status within your community.

With our unique experience and expertise, we provide you with a customized game plan to help you overcome obstacles, achieve long-term growth, and future-proof your business.

Partnering with Resurreccion Media means your business is built to last.

Brand Values


Representing tradition, longevity, enduring quality, and excellence.


Representing energy, intensity, urgency, and passion.


Representing innovation, creativity, and the ability to transcend limitations and boundaries.


#FIREHOUR is a complimentary program for entrepreneurs and business owners focused on a lifestyle upgrade.

Unlock the power to transform your WEALTH in all areas of your life with #FIREHOUR.

Join our live training and become a part of this transformative journey.

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The Strategies & Struggles Podcast

Welcome to The Strategies And Struggles Podcast, hosted by Resurreccion Media.

We chose the name “Strategies And Struggles” because in each episode, we discuss strategies and struggles of our real life experience when it comes to running multiple companies while staying healthy and happy, and everything in between.

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Resurreccion Media is owned and operated by Michael “Shungunna” Resurreccion who is an entrepreneur, cofounder of a non-profit, and family man. Michael is a professional marketing consultant. Clients can generally expect to establish accounts reached within 6 months from the time they begin the service. The results obtained in this endorsement do not reflect generally expected results since
these results are due to factors controlled by the client, such as follow through of each service step and the pace at which each step is completed and each client’s individual effort and level of desire.

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